wbc-profiler 1.0

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Last updated: Sat, 12/29/2018 - 17:02

Release notes

First release of WBC-Profiler software package: First release of WBC-Profiler software package: an unsupervised feature learning system for leukocytes characterization and classification. It consists of matlab manuscripts and sample data, where the matlab manuscripts includes,

  • WBC-Profiler API functions
  • WBC-Profiler Util functions
  • Thrid-Pary Libraries (Note, the third-party libaries are included for the convenience of test use only, and are not intended for distribution purpose)
  • main_WBC_Profiler_Pipeline.m: a demo pipeline consists of
    • unsupervised feature learning
    • patch-feature extraction / image reconstruction
    • image-level pooling for profile construction
    • cross-validation
  • main_WBC_Profiler_Visualization.m: a demo pipeline consists of 
    • profile visualization
    • heatmap visualization
    • feature embedding