COVID19-Imaging-Biomarkers 1.0

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Last updated: Tue, 06/02/2020 - 15:13

Release notes

Initial release of unsupervised feature learning pipeline for chest CT based imaging biomarker detection and extraction pipeline, with pre-trained model and pre-identified imaging biomarkers.

  • ExampleData_PretrainedModel_ImagingBiomarkers
    • DB-Training-0330: Imaging Biomarker Training example
    • DB-BiomakerExtraction: Imaging Biomarker Extraction example
    • T0330_Stacked_PSD_nb=256_s=30_ite=100_w20_np=100_d=1_nL=1_20200331_034504.mat: Pre-trained model and Pre-obtained Imaging Biomarkers
  • main_COVID19_Imaging_Biomarker_learning_and_extraction.m: main interface for imaging biomarder learning and extraction