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Zhang P, Lo A, Huang Y, Huang G, Liang G, Mott J, Karpen GH, Blakely EA, Bissell MJ, Barcellos-Hoff MHelen et al..  2015.  Identification of genetic loci that control mammary tumor susceptibility through the host microenvironment.. Sci Rep. 5:8919.
Hung M-S, Chen I-C, You L, Jablons DM, Li Y-C, Mao J-H, Xu Z, Hsieh M-J, Lin Y-C, Yang C-T et al..  2015.  Knockdown of Cul4A increases chemosensitivity to gemcitabine through upregulation of TGFBI in lung cancer cells.. Oncol Rep. 34(6):3187-95.
Castillo-Lluva S, Hontecillas-Prieto L, Blanco-Gómez A, M Sáez-Freire DMar, García-Cenador B, García-Criado J, Pérez-Andrés M, Orfao A, Cañamero M, Mao J-H et al..  2015.  A new role of SNAI2 in postlactational involution of the mammary gland links it to luminal breast cancer development.. Oncogene. 34(36):4777-90.
Wang Y, Xu Z, Mao J-H, Hsieh D, Au A, Jablons DM, Li H, You L.  2015.  PR-Set7 is Degraded in a Conditional Cul4A Transgenic Mouse Model of Lung Cancer.. Zhongguo Fei Ai Za Zhi. 18(6):345-50.
Castellanos-Martín A, Castillo-Lluva S, Sáez-Freire MDel Mar, Blanco-Gómez A, Hontecillas-Prieto L, Patino-Alonso C, Galindo-Villardon P, Del Villar LPérez, Martín-Seisdedos C, Isidoro-Garcia M et al..  2015.  Unraveling heterogeneous susceptibility and the evolution of breast cancer using a systems biology approach.. Genome Biol. 16:40.
Wang Y, Wen M, Kwon Y, Xu Y, Liu Y, Zhang P, He X, Wang Q, Huang Y, Jen K-Y et al..  2014.  CUL4A induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition and promotes cancer metastasis by regulating ZEB1 expression.. Cancer Res. 74(2):520-31.
Illa-Bochaca I, Ouyang H, Tang J, Sebastiano C, Mao J-H, Costes SV, Demaria S, Barcellos-Hoff MHelen.  2014.  Densely ionizing radiation acts via the microenvironment to promote aggressive Trp53-null mammary carcinomas.. Cancer Res. 74(23):7137-48.
Nguyen DH, Ouyang H, Mao J-H, Hlatky L, Barcellos-Hoff MHelen.  2014.  Distinct luminal-type mammary carcinomas arise from orthotopic Trp53-null mammary transplantation of juvenile versus adult mice.. Cancer Res. 74(23):7149-58.
Hackett CS, Quigley DA, Wong RA, Chen J, Cheng C, Song YK, Wei JS, Pawlikowska L, Bao Y, Goldenberg DD et al..  2014.  Expression quantitative trait loci and receptor pharmacology implicate Arg1 and the GABA-A receptor as therapeutic targets in neuroblastoma.. Cell Rep. 9(3):1034-46.
Snijders A, Langley S, Mao J-H, Bhatnagar S, Bjornstad KA, Rosen CJ, Lo A, Huang Y, Blakely EA, Karpen GH et al..  2014.  An interferon signature identified by RNA-sequencing of mammary tissues varies across the estrous cycle and is predictive of metastasis-free survival.. Oncotarget. 5(12):4011-25.
Tang J, Fernandez-Garcia I, Vijayakumar S, Martinez-Ruis H, Illa-Bochaca I, Nguyen DH, Mao J-H, Costes SV, Barcellos-Hoff MHelen.  2014.  Irradiation of juvenile, but not adult, mammary gland increases stem cell self-renewal and estrogen receptor negative tumors.. Stem Cells. 32(3):649-61.
Yang Y-L, Hung M-S, Wang Y, Ni J, Mao J-H, Hsieh D, Au A, Kumar A, Quigley D, Fang LTai et al..  2014.  Lung tumourigenesis in a conditional Cul4A transgenic mouse model.. J Pathol. 233(2):113-23.
Perez-Losada J, Wu D, DelRosario R, Balmain A, Mao J-H.  2012.  Allele-specific deletions in mouse tumors identify Fbxw7 as germline modifier of tumor susceptibility.. PLoS One. 7(2):e31301.
DeFilippis RAnna, Chang H, Dumont N, Rabban JT, Chen Y-Y, Fontenay GV, Berman HK, Gauthier ML, Zhao J, Hu D et al..  2012.  CD36 repression activates a multicellular stromal program shared by high mammographic density and tumor tissues. Cancer Discov. 2(9):826-39.
Snijders A, Marchetti F, Bhatnagar S, Duru N, Han J, Hu Z, Mao J-H, Gray JW, Wyrobek AJ.  2012.  Genetic differences in transcript responses to low-dose ionizing radiation identify tissue functions associated with breast cancer susceptibility. PLoS One. 7(10):e45394.PDF icon pone.0045394.pdf (1.8 MB)
Mao J-H, Wu D, Kim I-J, Kang HC, Wei G, Climent J, Kumar A, Pelorosso FG, DelRosario R, Huang EJ et al..  2012.  Hipk2 cooperates with p53 to suppress γ-ray radiation-induced mouse thymic lymphoma.. Oncogene. 31(9):1176-80.
Nath S, Spencer VA, Han J, Chang H, Zhang K, Fontenay GV, Anderson C, Hyman JM, Nilsen-Hamilton M, Chang Y-T et al..  2012.  Identification of fluorescent compounds with non-specific binding property via high throughput live cell microscopy. PLoS One. 7(1):e28802.PDF icon pone.0028802.pdf (1.44 MB)
Okumura K, Sato M, Saito M, Miura I, Wakana S, Mao J-H, Miyasaka Y, Kominami R, Wakabayashi Y.  2012.  Independent genetic control of early and late stages of chemically induced skin tumors in a cross of a Japanese wild-derived inbred mouse strain, MSM/Ms.. Carcinogenesis. 33(11):2260-8.
Lee DYup, Bowen BP, Nguyen DH, Parsa S, Huang Y, Mao J-H, Northen TR.  2012.  Low-dose ionizing radiation-induced blood plasma metabolic response in a diverse genetic mouse population.. Radiat Res. 178(6):551-5.