• Download the BioQuant virtual machine image (*.ova) from its project page;
  • Download the VMware player from its offical site;
  • Open the BioQuant virtual machine image (*.ova) in VMware player, and then power on the VM when the import is complete (right click the virtual machine image listed on the left, then select the Power On option) ;
  • Log into the operating system hosted by the virtual machine image (i.e., CentOS) with:
    • username: guest
    • password: APC2200
  • Invoke BioQuant:
    • Right click on the desktop of the hosted operating system;
    • Left click on the popup menu item: Open Terminal;
    • In the terminal, enter the command: BioQuant, and then press enter key on the keyboard;
    • With all steps above, BioQuant will be invoked for further deployment.

Tips: with the virtual machine image powered on, there are two operating systems available as follows, 

  • the original operating system (e.g., windows, OS X); and
  • the hosted operating system (i.e., CentOS)

and the focus of keyboard and mouse pointer can be switched between these two operating systems as follows,

  • Double click the desktop of hosted operating system (i.e., CentOS) - change the focus to the hosted operating system; and,
  • Press Ctrl+Alt (simutaneously press the Ctrl key and Alt key on the keyboard) - return the focus to the orignial operating system.