Computational Researcher

Integrative analysis based on quantitative representation of whole slide images (WSIs) in a large histology cohort may provide predictive models of clinical outcome. On one hand, the efficiency and effectiveness of such representation is hindered as a result of large technical variations (e.g., fixation, staining) and biological heterogeneities (e.g., cell type, cell state) that are always present in a large cohort.

  • Download the BioQuant virtual machine image (*.ova) from its project page;
  • Download the VMware player from its offical site;

BioQuant is a software, initially developed by the Imaing and Informatics Lab at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, for large-scale high performance quantification of macromolecules involved in cell-cell adhesion, genomic instability, and DNA repair proteins, etc., which has been widely used by members at the Life Sciences Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for scientific discoveries.